Laundry service

Pressto is much more than a dry cleaner and among the services that are offered is the weekly laundry.

Our necessities have changed, and despite most of the people have a washing machine at home, not always we have the time to sort out garments by colour and fabric, select the right program, get them dry (tumble drier or open air), fold them, iron them….

At Pressto Dry Cleaner and Laundry we are aware of how precious your free time is for you, and therefore we work for you, we care for you and we care for you garments. Clean your garments at Pressto every week and you will stand to win.

Laundry service is valid for all kind of garments* ( bed sheets, table cloths, underwear, shirts, t-shirts, dresses….) and to make it easier for you we offer you three possibilities:

1. - Regular Laundry. Garments are washed or dry cleaned.  They can be delivered as you wished: folded or non-folded, on a hanger or into a bag, etc…

2. – Laundry plus ironing. As well as cleaning your garments (either washing or dry cleaning) we also iron them for you, so you can enjoy your free time. You will get your garments as you prefer, on hangers neatly packed or if you prefer nicely folded so they can keep their finishing.

3. – Only ironing service. You bring your clean garments and we give them back to you ironed and with the finishing that you prefer: packed on a hanger, with smell, or without smell, etc….

* Except for duvets, blankets, bedspreads.

And as ever, garments will receive the exclusive treatments and processes at Pressto Dry Cleaner.

Besides, in order to conform to your needs, this service is also available for home delivery service any day of the week and with long service hours. We collect your garments and we delivery to you wherever you prefer.

More information by phone, +507 3938616 or +507 60308841

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